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June 18, 2022

Have you ever made any Origami pleats?

Pleating is an ancient haute-couture technique in fashion. Check out this amazing video from BOF visiting Gerard Longon(est 1945), a pleating Maison that is now part of Chanel subsidiary. It creates texture, plays with light and shade. To me, there is a celebration of the beauty found between art, transformation, and play.

Yes, play. I drift back to my childhood when I am designing; To afternoons practicing ink wash painting, spent folding crisp paper into a paper crane; folds, unfolds and refolds... In the age of mass production, I appreciate craftsmanship- more than 90% of our pleats are handmade. 

The pleats invoke memories of these folds that I found in the world: New York/Infinity, Tibet/Chiaroscuro, and Morocco/freedom. What's your favorite? 


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