10018 Infinity Power Clutch: Metallic Printed Suede and Black Nappa

Sabrina Zeng’s coveted Infinity Power Clutch is re-imagined with a silver abstract print that inspired by the sand pattern on beach at sunset. With the “Infinity” pleats on the side, this cotton sateen-lined style fits your wallet, smartphone and even an iPad. Wear it with a little black dress and dance until last call. 

Silver printed leather (Italian cow suede), Black leather (cow nappa) 

Zip fastening along top.

Made in New York. 

Size: 9 1/2"H x 12"W x 3"D.

Comes with high capacity (2000mAh) lipstick-sized portable battery charger that provides up to two charges for smartphones. Color: Silver. 


10018 Garment District, New York City 

It all started on the 7th Ave, where I saw a woman carrying a brown paper expandable file folder under her arm.  I thought why I couldn't design an expandable clutch with my own pleats design? 

The second part of the story is, while visiting Rin’s office on the 6th Avenue (She is a graphic designer for a consumer electronic company), I was intrigued by the little silver “lipstick” on her desk. "It’s a portable battery charger for your phone/tablet." What immediately came to my mind was an old conversation with Nick. 

Right there, all dots were connected. 

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