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December 24, 2012

White Christmas. New York city. I finally did this. 

Merry Xmas my dear friends and family, it is with much love and earnestness that I'd like to announce the SOFT launch of my new business and brand SABRINA ZENG. This brand was conceived after I was driven to make my own DSLR camera bag for lack of stylish options. This is an accessory line where style meets function meets sustainability. It is versatile yet modern and sophisticated. 

I want to take a minute to give a great big thank you and respect to below amazing people:

Hyerin Preda, created my logo and contributed lots of ad design ideas. She is a pro, and I adore her! 

Nicholas from Savage Studios, his photography made my products glow! With lots of laughs along the way... 

Tearn from Tear-n Tan Photography shoot my profile picture and we had hot-pot together! Her stuff is impressive!

Kristen Kosnac and Kerry Jones are too capable and smart for words! They helped me to pull off everything, beautifully! Thanks Kerry for having my products showing in her the one well store as well! 

Monica, Liuying, Bridgette, Julia, Leema, Carol, Dawn, Justine, Rowena, Julie, Ling...Thank you for your tremendous contribution in my product development process! 

Last but not the least for my dear family and all friends (sorry I could not list all your name here) -- thank you for giving me unconditional support when I chose my crazy business path. You might question me once, but I said whatever I am going anyway. I love you all!

Live life and love more! 2013 Lets do this! :) 


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