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Sabrina ZengSABRINA ZENG is a sustainable luxury handbag brand founded by Yuanwen Sabrina Zeng in 2013. The brand creates timeless yet unique pieces that allow for self-exploration in confidence and comfort. Designed in New York City and meticulously crafted in Italy/Spain, each style is defined by a zip-code and features an original pleats design. The brand has been featured in Vogue, Whowhatwear, InstyleUK and has been seen on fashionistas like Suarez sisters, Zanna Rassi and Caroline Issa. Sabrina Zeng was chosen as a 100 Emerging Fashion Visionaries by Not Just Label in 2015, and was equally the finalist in the Independent Handbag Designer Award in 2019.

A note from Sabrina-- 

"There is this kind of bird. They were said to always fly, fly, and never touch the ground. They would fly with their faces towards the sun, and only land once in their life…that’s when they die.

There is this kind of person. They are said to be endlessly curious, and never stop exploring and evolving. They travel with their eyes wide open. They are soft, feminine, and yet powerful and tough. They are living their life full of creativity, fun, and adventure.

We started in New York, and it is just the first stop…

I believe that you need to walk your own path in life. I also believe that life is about whom you meet and what you create with them. 

See you on the road!"