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February 01, 2013

The Gemini Camera City Tote is finally here! Come to meet our ambassador, Julie Qiu, and find out how she carries the tote and why she loves it. Watch the video below :) 
Julie Qiu, Brand strategist/ Freelance lifestyle photographer, New York City, USA 
"Luxe material is the deal sealer for me. I love that it's versatile and doesn't look like a regular camera bag- I can carry it to the office in Midtown NY as an everyday tote and also out to industry events."

Q: How do you enjoy the dual roles in your life? 

A: Being a photographer actually helps me become better at my job, which is being a brand strategist. In both roles, you must be able to really "see" and capture your subject in a distinctive, unique way. So whether its with words or images, it requires a similar perspective. 

I love it when I have opportunities to integrate photography into my work or interests. I often shoot images for my agency, which gives me a chance to practice and contribute in a valuable and creatively fulfilling way. I am also the type of person that needs variety in life. So having this duality keeps me engaged and happy.

Q: What does "Create" mean to you


Create is a powerful and empowering notion. For me, the act of creating comes very naturally. I love making things, coming up with new ideas, and starting up random projects. It's the ultimate self-expression that also has the power to (sounds cheesy but true) change the world. So it's crucial for all of us to continue to create and be creative on our own terms. 

Q: What's in your camera tote ? 

A: DSLR camera body; 1 or 2 lenses, depending on job (24-70mm L and 10-22mm wide angle are my go-to's); 580ex II speedlite and light diffuser; Extra battery pack for camera and AAs for flash; Cleaning cloth or dust brush; Business cards, iPhone, Lipgloss and compact mirror :) 



Julie Qiu, Model 
Tear-n Tan, Videographer & Co-director 
Olive Musique, Music "Keep Your Dreams Alive"
Haven's Kitchen, Location 
Sabrina Zeng, Designer & Co-director

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