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January 31, 2013

I think a lot about design, leather, fabric& trims, but I think more about the message I want to deliver to my customers.  

Be AUTHENTIC & ORIGINAL - The moment you want to be someone else or your company tries to be what it is not, you lose. Following this philosophy, I use real people for my ads campaign. I like real people w/ real stories, who inspire me. 

So you see Kristen, Evelyn and Julie here...We are not posing, we are just sharing our stories w/ you :) If you like this, please help us to spread the words. 

Evelyn Molina, Human Resource Management/ Part-time Salsa Dancing Teacher 

"I think that today's woman, as a result of the complexities of day to day life, is both adaptable and inherently mysterious. I am ambitious in my career and passionate in personal matters; I seek personal improvement in all aspects of my life.Therefore, it's only practical that what I carry with me on a daily basis should help simplify my life while amplifying my look. The more minimal my inner and outer "baggage", the easier it is for me to focus on creating change, both in myself and the world around me." --Kristen Kosnoc, Fashion Textile Consultant/ Freelance Travel Writer, New York City 

Yes, this is who we are- We are fearless, independent and original. 

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