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April 05, 2021

It has been a crazy year, but great news!

We have launched the Women for Women initiative in March 2020, and now we are re-introducing the brand on CFDA RUNWAY 360 with our newest collection REBIRTH. 

Through a storyline that invites you to be free, the collection is designed to encourage you to reemerge into the world as your truest self. It features some of my favorite styles including the Chiaroscuro weekend tote and Infinity shoulder bag, as well as the new Chiaroscuro Hammock bag.

I remember I took a picture of a bird-shaped cloud last year and thought “Phoenix/Rebirth”. For my 2021 accessories collection 1, I wanted to capture the essence of what makes us unique and invite everyone to explore and evolve. Come walk with us, come dance with us, come dream with us.

True to the spirit of this collection, our campaign features an inspiring cast of multidimensional creators and artists, staring Ying Xin, Chinese-American principal dancer at Martha Graham, Jenee-Daria Strand, feminist art curator at Brooklyn Museum, and Evangeline Sarney, Makeup Tips Digital founder. We celebrate everyone who dares to be themselves, who chooses to deal with the discomfort in growth, and will continue to inspire all to simply be.

Enter, Rebirth.

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