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October 01, 2018

Come to sip a little tea and discover the Freedom/Morocco-New York Collection, made in Spain

Monday Oct 1 10:00am >4:00pm 

The Hoxton, 30-32 rue du sentier

Whether it’s drum dancing on the edge of the dune in Merzouga or wild camping under the olive trees in Ouarzazate, these exhilarating adventures restore the childlike sense of joy and freedom in me.

“But what does true freedom mean to you?” Thomas asked. I stood there with no answer. That was May 2017 in Morocco. Not until a year later, when my feet touched the white sand and calm water of the Mediterranean sea in Alicante Spain, I found the answer. 

To me, freedom lies in maintaining independence in design, creating a business around the lifestyle I want, and having the power to impact the lives of others, especially women. What about you? 

Introducing the new “freedom” pleats, inspired by the folds on the Merzouga desert sand, this collection urges you to reconnect with the things and experiences that touch you, ultimately, to find the true freedom. Each bag is named after a zip code and carries its own story. Made in Spain.


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